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A blissful, holistic body massage involves different types of techniques, pressure and flowing movements, which when applied to the skin and underlying tissue provides pleasure, releases muscular tension and pain, relaxes the body and enhances your physical, emotional & spiritual health.

As no two people are alike, the body massage sequence and pressure will be adapted to each client's needs. Every effort is made to make sure that clients are comfortable. You will be draped at all times by soft towels, revealing only the areas being worked on at any point in time




Benefits of having a Massage


-Increasing the circulation of blood and thereby energizing you

-Aiding the removal of body toxins

-Triggering the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals, known as endorphins to make you feel fantastic

-Relieving muscle pain and stiffness leaving you feeling loose and less restricted

-Reducing stress and anxiety promoting better sleep

-Promoting overall relaxation leaving you feeling great for the rest of the day!



Cebu Massage , Cebu Philippines -

our friendly well trained massues trained to understand the needs of your tired and stressed body.

Be pampered, be touched, relax and Experience the most relaxing massage in town!

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